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Dental implants have become one of the most popular methods of replacing missing teeth at Smile Artist Dentistry in Houston. Patients who have tooth loss often feel unattractive and less self-confident.  Besides the having less aesthetic appeal, missing teeth can hinder speaking and eating ability. Custom-made dental implants help restore function and provide the look of natural teeth.

Wide gaps between teeth can negatively affect mouth structure, causing potential dental issues over time as spacing shifts. At Smile Artist Dentistry in Houston, we offer dental implants as a permanent solution, replacing missing teeth and maintaining your oral health.  Some dentists in Houston use implants as anchors for other types of dentures. Contact Smile Artist Dentistry of Houston to schedule a consultation.

A talented Houston dentist will perform and exam to determine if you are a candidate for implants. Not everyone has enough strong bone structure in their jaw to support a dental implant. In these patients, an alternative dental procedure such as crowns or dental bridges is more suitable. If you are a good candidate, your Houston dentist will review the treatment steps with you in detail.

The titanium implant is inserted below the gum line and fused the jawbone. Then, a temporary dental crown is put over the implant. Over time the jawbone and titanium implant bond together, the post becomes artificial, yet durable tooth root.

Dental implants are very comfortable, natural looking and virtually undetectable. They eliminate the need for removable dentures that may need to be replaced over time. If you are considering dental implants and would like more information, contact our team at Smile Artist Dentistry of Houston.

You will soon understand how millions of people have made their lives so much easier by choosing dental implants. No more ill-fitting dentures or difficult to clean bridges.

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