Advantages of ClearCorrect


For decades the only option for correcting smiles with spacing issues, misalignments, and crooked teeth were traditional metal braces. Due to the metal, wires, and brackets, the term “metal mouth” was created. Luckily for those interesting in correcting their smile in 2017, new treatment options are available. ClearCorrect is one of the newest advancements in orthodontic treatment, allowing patients to correct their smile without the unsightly appearance and uncomfortable side effects. Wondering what other benefits there are to ClearCorrect? Here are just a few:

Improve Overall Health

Recent research has shown that our oral health and general health are more linked than we once thought. Poor oral health is thought to increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and even diabetes. When teeth are overcrowded, misaligned, crooked, etc. it can increase a patient’s risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss. The removable ClearCorrect aligners can help correct these dental issues by allowing you to maintain your oral health better. 

Improve Oral Health

As discussed above, dental issues such as overcrowding, alignment issues, and crooked teeth can affect not only your appearance but also the functionality of your smile. When areas are hard to reach while cleaning, debris, plaque, and bacteria can get stuck, creating the perfect environment for decay and infection. This can ultimately lead to dental decay and gum disease. ClearCorrect allows the patient to clean their teeth and gums better, decreasing the risk of decay and gum disease.

Improve Dental Hygiene

Traditional metal braces and even newer “Fastbraces” take up a lot of room on your teeth, allowing you to only clean the visible portion; flossing is often problematic as well. ClearCorrect, however, is designed to be removable, allowing patients to properly and thoroughly clean and floss their teeth every day.

Improve Diet & Nutritional Intake

Patients that opt for traditional braces often have to make some dietary changes throughout treatment. Due to ClearCorrect’s design, the aligners be removed for eating, drinking and even cleaning. This allows patients with ClearCorrect to keep a diverse and nutritious diet even during their orthodontic treatment.

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